Tuesday, April 5, 2011

{ Easy Peasy Spring Time Wreath }

I know this isn't scrapbook related...BUT..I beleive anyone who is a scrapbooker is a crafter of some sort..so I don't want our groups blog to be restricted to just scrapbooking..we all have such wonderful talents that gotta be shared..right....
Today I am sharing a wreath that I made..ah hem..copied...from another blog..
If you are looking for something, cheap easy and cheery this is the way to go!
You can see how this wreath is made by checking out the tutorial over at Keeping It Simple

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Get ready, Get set, Get geared up!

April 16th will be the kick off of our first official crap on the new Scrapbook Lane!

We are going to be taking a few steps back and going back to basics!

The challenges will be simple, do-able, and hopefully enjoyable!

One added bonus to the crop is that you can include your children as well as getting in some family bonding time..and if you are lucky some really awesome photo op's!

*String-embroidery floss, yarn,

thread or thin ribbon..whatever

you have on hand but you will need

lots of it and pastels will be best.*


*2c Sugar approx.


*Food Coloring

*Solid Color paper/cardstock

*Pattern paper/cardstock

(Optional, elmers glue, glitter)


Also we are working on setting up a chat that will

include using your microphone, if you don't

have a mic that's ok tho! You will still be able to join us!

Please Bring a Friend!!